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45 rpm Adapters

V-M Audio Enthusiasts has 45 rpm spindle adapters for many makes of record changers. The most important information to know is who made the record changer in your record player, what model or series record changer it has, and how tall the center post spindle is.

45 Adapters

Use one of the search methods below and click Go. On the next page, click on part picture for details and price. Replacement may look somewhat different than original so compare based on measurements and listing information given.

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(Format example: 400-S)

  • If you are interested in 45 rpm record inserts or the generic single play “dome” adapters used with manual turntables, click on Phono Accessories.

  • Specific manufacturer’s single play adapters are included with the automatic spindles on this page (Search by Brand).

  • Also Search by Brand = Crosley to find a 45 rpm spindle adapter (4Cr1-SF) that works great on contemporary Crosley stacking type record players.

We have 45 rpm spindle adapters (also called stacking adapters) for popular brands including Voice of Music, Admiral, BSR, Collaro, Garrard, GE, Glaser-Steers, Motorola, Magnavox, Philco, RCA, Telefunken, Zenith, and others. If you are not sure what 45 rpm adapter you need, first click on 45 Adapter Help! for identification information and then Contact us with details. We are at your service!

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