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Sales and Service Literature

Service Manuals, Owner’s Manuals and even sales catalog sheets and brochures are available for Voice of Music®, V-M Educational®, and V-M Professional Series® branded products.

Please Contact us by email with the model number and we will quote all available literature for your model! 

The service literature in particular is highly recommended as it contains parts diagrams, schematics, troubleshooting tips, and is your “catalog” to inquire about needed parts by V-M part number.

For "do it yourself" V-M record changer restoration, we offer a guide that supplements the service manual. It discusses preparation, the key steps of the restoration process, practical tips, and illustrations that show exactly where fresh grease is to be applied.

Some service manuals are only available here as they are made up of the appropriate pages of other manuals (example: Model 815-2) or are supplements not made available on the aftermarket. We also have the Service Bulletins and service advice to the field not available anywhere else in the world.

For many later models, the service manuals are “modular”. That is for a record player, there is a “master shell” manual with exception parts, but also a manual for the solid state or tube amplifier in the record player, and a manual (or two) for the record changer.

Maintenance information is generally included in the service manuals but there are also some publications available that expand on it. Contact us by email for more information.

Sales literature is also available for some later models and years. These can take the form of catalogs, catalog sheets, and brochures.

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