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Other Restoration Options

Local to V-M Audio Enthusiasts

If you are local to the Southeast Michigan area, Contact us about the possibility of having your complete V-M phono or amplifier mechanically and electrically restored. David Ziolkowski and Gary Stork will do the work! Best time of year to get this done is Summer and the worst is heading into the Christmas season when we are very busy. We require that you pick up the equipment when completed in a timely manner. Space here is limited!

All Other Repair and Restoration needs in the U.S. or Canada

Contact us by email with the state or province where you live (and any states bordering you). We will reply with what guidance we can, including a list of servicers known to work on older equipment. V-M Audio Enthusiasts assumes no responsibility for these referrals – proceed as you would with any consumer transaction. However, if we get a bad report on any servicer, that listing is removed.

  • Take a copy of the service manual(s) in with you when having your equipment serviced. For V-M service manuals, click on Sales and Service Literature for order information.

  • Tell your servicer that for V-M products, parts availability is excellent and give them our website address or email. For non V-M changers and turntables we do have the most needed parts – idler wheels, needles and cartridges, 45 adapters, and some center post spindles.

Are you a Servicer in the U.S. or Canada?

We also encourage individuals or companies that do service work on V-M products to Contact us by email and we will add you to our listing. Please indicate all methods by which you can be contacted (Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail) and any exclusions (will/will not work on phonos, tape recorders, hi-fi or component stereos). We do get requests from people seeking local service and will send them to you!

V-M Audio Enthusiasts will buy your excess V-M Factory Service Parts inventory, Click on What we Buy for more information.

Are you a "Do it Yourself" person?

The FAQ and Restoration Tips page and help pages contain a wealth of information as do the service manuals. Go to the Links page for popular antique audio forums where people post questions and answers.

For V-M service manuals, click on Sales and Service Literature for order information. The V-M Service manual for your model is your “catalog” of parts to inquire about if any need replacing.

How far you go with your project is up to you. As you can see on the Fun Page! – musicians take their guitar amplifiers seriously! Note the hand made cabinets used to house classic V-M amplifiers.

If you want to make performance modifications, our ability to advise is limited. For example, we don’t know how to advise when someone asks about a cartridge that “sounds better” as this is very subjective and depends on the amplifier characteristics that your record changer is paired with.

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