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V-M Amplifiers and Tuners

Voice of Music (V-M) amplifiers and tuners are very popular these days with the interest in analog and tube audio.

V-M Component Models

Amplifier and tuner model numbers are typically 1400 and 1500 series numbers as found on a tag or on the case. For service manuals and owner’s manuals, click on Sales and Service Literature.

To inquire about service parts, Contact us with the part number contained in the Service manual.
Note: Cases, face plates, and knobs are no longer available for Models 1428, 1448 and 1465.

See the Amplifier and Speaker FAQs for more information about your vintage amplifier or tuner.

Amplifiers and tuners in V-M consoles, phonos, tape recorders

After April, 1959 V-M Corporation began phasing in a “20000” series model designation for all of its new amplifiers, tuners, and receivers. Similar to the record changers, the model number can either be ink stamped or later on, printed on a tag as the following example shows (VM 20068 tube amplifier):

Amplifiers and tuners in V-M consoles, phonos, tape recorders

If your Voice of Music amplifier predates this system or does not have model identification, please obtain the model number of the V-M console, phono, etc. where it came from before contacting us about service literature with schematics. We cannot work with pictures to trace the piece back. We suggest that you refrain from purchasing any V-M amplifier unless you can determine exactly what model it is or what consumer model console, phonograph, etc. it is from.

Speaker Plugs

Some V-M amplifier models have a two prong speaker jack. Click on the link below to view the speaker plug adapters:

   Search for speaker plug adapters

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