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V-M Model Finder

On this page, you can access the debut year and suggested retail price of all the Voice of Music®, V-M Educational®, and V-M Professional Series® branded products. Please do not ask us “what it is worth” today – we do not know.

Popular models include the 950 and 1200 series record changers, 1404, 1428 and 1448 tube amplifiers, and 720, 722, and 730 tape recorders.

If the Model number appears underlined in blue, it is a link and that means there is a picture of that model as well. Click on it to see the picture. Not all listings have pictures yet! It takes time!

Here are the categories - click on the appropriate one and find information on your model!

   Record Changers and Turntables
   Phonographs, Record Players
   Tape Recorders and Slide Synchronizers
   Speakers (including amplified models)
   Amplifiers, Tuners, Receivers
   V-M Professional Series
   V-M Educational Series

The “fine print”:

    • Usually only the original model is shown. Example: Model 380 which was produced in versions from 380-1 through 380-5.

    • Some V-M model numbers have been used twice. Example, Model 954 is a family of record changers and Model 954 is also a console.

    • Record changers fall into two types:

        - If description says “family”, then that means there could be hundreds of individual model
          depending on the prefix and suffix. Example: Model 1200. See Do I have a V-M record changer?
          to determine the complete model number of your V-M changer in any brand unit.
               · Each record changer of the particular family grouping shares common design features but can
                 be styled completely differently from other family members!
               · Any picture shown will be of only one version from that family!

        - If a record changer is shown as a “sales model” then it is a single model that was sold by V-M dealers
          and could include base, dust cover, and accessories. The record changer component will also have a
          unique production model number in the usual fashion as described on the Do I have a V-M record
          changer? page.

    • With the exception of record changer families, all other models shown are complete products sold to retail customers. Assembly model numbers such as the amplifier models used in consoles are not included.

    • Unique military and export models are not included. Accessories with model numbers are not included. Also not included are “S”, “SP”, and “PSP” special promotional packages and unique closeout models.

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