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Do I Have a V-M ?

V-M Corporation made record changers and tape recorder mechanical transports for many famous brand names as indicated on the Other Brands Using V-M page. Some companies may have used V-M only briefly and for certain models so it’s important to continue reading the following to be sure if your model has a V-M product incorporated into it.

   Do I have a V-M record changer?
   Do I have a V-M tape recorder deck?

When inquiring about parts or service availability, it is best to include the V-M Model number with your email. If you have a Voice of Music brand product, the product model number is usually all that is necessary. For example – if you have a Model 527 Voice of Music phono, that is all that we need to know.

Do I have a V-M Record Changer?

How to Determine the V-M Model Number and Build Date of Your Record Changer

A V-M record changer in a Brand “X” phono or console can look like almost anything topside. The trick is to gain access to the underneath. Helpful hint: If the changer says “Made in England” anywhere on it, it is not a V-M product. Otherwise, proceed to look as follows:

Older Changers - Ink Stamped ID
The following applies to most changers made after 1950. Look underneath the turntable itself, or on the underside of the changer for an EIA (Electronics Industry Association) identification number stamped in ink on the baseplate.

An example of an ink-stamped code (early) found on the underside:
857 850 1211 213

At left, "857" is the EIA identification number for V-M Corporation. "850" is the date code (changer built 50th week of 1958) and 1211-213 is the actual V-M model number of the changer (this is what I need for parts inquiries). The model number is usually a “900” or “1200” series number.

Starting in 1962, the code was changed to include two digits for the year:
857 6230 1235 738

At left, "857" is the EIA identification number for V-M Corporation. "6230" is the date code (changer built 30th week of 1962) and 1235 738 is the actual V-M Model number of the changer.

Newer Changers - Paper Tag ID
The EIA date code and V-M Model number may also be on a paper tag on the underside of the changer. The V-M Model number is usually a “1200” or “2100” series number and is set in the largest type:

In the example at left, the V-M Model Number is M1293-KO6. The changer was built the 39th week of 1971. The number in red is a serial number and of no practical use.

Voice of Music brand record changers may have another tag with a “Sales Model” number in the “1500’s”. Thus a record changer sold by the dealer as a Model 1551-2 contains a production model B1255-648 record changer. Through our build records, we can work with either the “sales model” or “production model” information to help you get the exact right parts!

Do I have a V-M Tape Recorder Deck?

How to Determine the V-M Model Number and Build Date of Your Tape Recorder
A V-M built tape transport in a Brand “X” tape recorder or console was generally sold without the electronics. V-M Audio Enthusiasts can help with parts or rebuilding services only for the mechanical tape deck.

Visual Identification
Unlike the record changers which can look like anything above the baseplate, the tape recorder tape transports will visually look like one of two types:

Old Style (example: V-M / Wards Airline) New Style (example: V-M / RCA)
The visual cues are the general layout of the tape transport push buttons and the shape of the head cover escutcheon. Colors, trim plates, and knob styles will vary by manufacturer.

How to Identify Build Date Information
Older recorders – ink stamped date code
Voice of Music brand tape recorders have the model number on the cardboard compartment cover. Follow the power cord – it will lead you to the cardboard compartment cover.
V-M tape transports in other brands may not have the V-M model number anywhere so email a pic. Inside, you are likely to find an ink identification showing the build date.
857 947

At left, "857" is the EIA identification number for V-M Corporation. "947" is the date code (tape transport built 49th week of 1959). As with the changers, the date code went to two digits in 1962. Both the transport and amplifier assemblies can have these date codes and they can be different.

Newer recorders – Paper Tag
Voice of Music brand tape recorders have the model number either printed on the back or on a metal plate at the rear where the power cord enters the unit.

The paper tags usually only have the V-M production model number of the tape transport or amplifier. There is also an ink stamped date code that will appear elsewhere.

In the example above, the paper tag indicated the Model of the tape transport is 20605-1. The date code on the amplifier assembly indicates it was built in the 18th week of 1963.

This model information is useful when contacting us for parts if the V-M tape transport is in say, an RCA branded tape recorder. If your tape recorder is Voice of Music branded, only email the V-M Model number of the complete tape recorder.

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