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Cartridge Installation Parts

We have a huge selection of parts for older phonos. As always, if it’s for a V-M product, please Contact us with the V-M model number of the phono or record changer and description or part number of what you need.

Direct Order Parts

Cartridge/tone arm wires, headshells, cartridge clips, and other parts for 20th century through present day turntables and record changers can be ordered directly. Choose a category in the following menu and click Go:

Search by Specialty Category

VM 17992 Combo Clip

Cartridge clips that do double duty – conventional solder type clips and adapter clips for pushing on existing tone arm wires with many types of flat clips!   Click here for details.

Other Mid 20th Century Parts Available

The following parts are only a sample and these are the most needed for many brands of phonos, based on cartridge type. Most of these are now available using the search menu above. If you don’t see what you need on the menus please Contact us with make, model and what you are looking for.
Cartridge knobs - for Zenith-VM “bobbing” cartridges, GE “variable reluctance” magnetic cartridges, and “turnover style” cartridge knobs for crystal cartridges. (specify part number or V-M record changer model number).

Cartridge clips
Round and flat styles available
(specify for what cartridge)

Cartridge brackets
For many crystal and ceramic cartridges
(specify for what cartridge)

Cartridge installation kits – Shown is VM 18839 kit with instruction sheet and mounting hardware for Clarkstan, Pickering, GE VR, and Sonotone cartridges for V-M Model 1202 and 1228 hi-fi record changers

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