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Needles / Styli

There are hundreds of Pfanstiehl® and EVG® needles available to choose from with various tip configurations and compliance values. We also have hard to find needles from obsolete brands.

Our needles are mainly organized using the "Pfanstiehl®" part number system. For its history and meaning, click here.


Use one of the search methods below and click Go. On the next page, click on part picture for details and price.
Tip: If you have one of the many brands of recently made record players, use the Search by Specialty Category menu and select Nostalgia Reproductions.
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If you are not sure what needle you need, first click on Needle Help! for identification information and then Contact us with details. We are at your service!

Needles (or styli) shown as available are in stock for fast shipment to you. Needles for ceramic cartridges, crystal cartridges, and magnetic cartridges. Needles with tips to play 78 rpm records (and we don't go by what it says on the needle handle - we examine needle under a microscope to verify that one of the tips IS for 78 rpm records). Use our Specialty Category search to find needles used in 45 rpm record players, children's phonos, school phonos, jukebox models and others.

We have needles for Voice of Music, Admiral, BSR, Collaro, Dual, Garrard, GE, Motorola, Magnavox, Panasonic (Technics), Philco, RCA, Sony, Sansui, Telefunken, Zenith, and other popular phonos.

Pfanstiehl is a registered trademark of LKG Industries.     EVG is a registered trademark of Russell Industries.

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