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Other V-M Phono Parts

This page is for those seeking Voice of Music (V-M) phonograph and record player repair parts other than needles, cartridges, idler wheels, and other parts shown on other pages of this website.

Direct Order Parts

Some parts can now be ordered directly, and some of these parts, such as needle protectors, may be suitable for turntables and record players made by other companies.
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Examples of Other V-M Phono Parts

The following pictures capture only a small fraction of the parts available!!!!

The V-M Service Manual for your model is your catalog! Find the V-M part number(s) of the part(s) you are interested in and if you don't see what you need available for direct order using the search box above,  Contact us for availability and price.
This pertains to all V-M built products, regardless of brand name on your model.

Control knobs

Tone arms and overarms (record supports)

45 adapter clips

Lucite “Lazi-lite®” control rods

Mechanism parts of all kinds

Motors (or instructions to rebuild yours)

Tone arm rest posts

Needle protectors


  - Parts availability is limited for early 78 rpm and two speed models. Better for products built after 1950 and best for products built after 1960. Some cosmetic parts may not be available.

  - We don’t have a lot of V-M stock of older “tube era” transformers, speakers, and we have no grill cloth. See the Amplifier and Speaker FAQs section for recommendations on these items.


Most V-M changers were made with motors from the two major motor manufacturers, Alliance Mfg and General Industries (GI).

  - If you need a replacement motor or other motor assembly part, we may ask for more information as a single model changer could contain either motor. There should be a four or five digit V-M part number located on the motor winding, stator or motor basket. If not, we need to know if you have an Alliance or GI motor at the minimum. Click on Phono Motor Identification for pictures and more information.

Some motors are in short supply and a replacement may not be needed. First, try to lubricate the motor. See the motor rebuild question Q5-3 on the Record Changer and Phono FAQs page for more information.

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