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45 Adapter Help!

Not sure of what 45 adapter you need? If the guidance on this page still leaves you wondering, Contact us by email with as much information as possible so that we can help you determine what you need and avoid the nuisance of returns. If you email, please put us on your “safe list” so that you will get our reply – or Contact us by phone.

If you have a Voice of Music brand phono, usually the phono model number is all we need. We can specify the exact replacement and alternatives. All of our V-M 45 adapters are genuine products of V-M Corporation unless otherwise noted.

If you have a V-M built record changer in another brand phono, the V-M model number of the record changer is usually all we need. Click on Do I have a V-M record changer? to locate where to find the model number.

For all phonos and record changers, the following information may be helpful in determining a suitable adapter:

  • Phonograph or turntable brand MAY be enough information if the number of 45 adapter choices shown is small.
     - Measure the height of the center post spindle from the turntable mat to the top and compare this to
       the height of the 45 adapter shown in the listings.
     - If you know who made the record changer in your phono, search on the changer manufacturer using
       the “Search by Brand” menu as those listings are more complete. Major record changer manufacturers
       for which we have the most 45 adapters for are Admiral, BSR, Collaro (also see Magnavox), Garrard,
       GE, Maestro, RCA, Telefunken, and V-M.
     - You can also search on the Center Post Spindles page by the record changer brand. If you see a center
       post that looks like the one on your changer, the listings will generally say what 45 adapter can be used
       with that center post.

  • For BSR, Garrard, GE, Magnavox/Collaro, Panasonic, PE Rex, RCA, and Telefunken the make and height are not sufficient to determine which adapter to order. Either one of the following pieces of information will pinpoint the correct part needed:
     - The manufacturer’s part number for the 45 adapter
     - The manufacturer’s model or series number for the record changer

If you are still unsure, Contact us by email with as much of the above information as possible, including the phono model number and a picture of the old part if you still have it. We will work with you to determine the exact or an effective replacement or otherwise advise.

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