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Other Turntable and Tape Recorder Parts

Many parts are available on our self order menus at left, but many more are not! There are photos that show some of the thousands of parts available on the following pages:

  - Other V-M Phono Parts
  - Other V-M Tape Recorder Parts

Most of these parts, and many more, are specific to V-M products but that includes a lot of record changers and tape decks built by V-M for GE, Motorola, Philco, RCA, Zenith etc.

Some parts like turntable mats, ac cord assemblies, motor mounts, and turntable retainers might be able to be used or adapted for use on other brands. We are working hard to move them as fast as possible to self order menus, but if you don't see what you need, Contact us by email as always.

We have a huge selection of V-M Factory Service parts. What does that mean?

The view above attempts to answer in a single picture. This is the view down aisles 3 and 4. There are 18 aisles of V-M Factory Service parts here. Part numbers start at 2500 and finish in the 83,000's. These parts came from V-M Corporation's Service Dept. 72 and major distributors.

Some parts even V-M Corporation had run out of. In general, mechanical part availability is very good for record changers built after 1950, and trim parts after 1965. Tape recorder parts from all eras are generally in excellent supply.

We don't have a lot of V-M stock of older “tube era” transformers, speakers, and we have no grill cloth. See the FAQ and Restoration Tips section for recommendations on these items.

We don't sell resistors and capacitors as these are available many other places. However, we
do highly recommend buying from Mark Oppat through his website: Old Radio Parts

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