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News from V-M Audio Enthusiasts

The magnetic needle business is changing again. The factory that supplies both EVG and Pfanstiehl with nude diamond needles will no longer sell to them. Once existing stocks sell out there will be no more. Other factories will supply bonded conicals and ellipticals. I will stock only some of them, so I can concentrate on other areas. I will still have a huge selection of hard to find needles and the best selection of ceramic needles anywhere. Still working to catch up on idler wheels hope to get more in of the specialty types soon.

The Zenith Cobra 1473 wheel is now in stock. The focus at present is on keeping the most popular wheels in stock while new supplier improves efficiency and catches up. For other wheels, there will be rolling shortages until new supplier catches up. If you can order it, its available, no need to contact me. If a part is turned off and it says On Backorder, check back often.

The 1495-05 idler wheel is now in stock, hopefully for good! The popular Stanton needles 822 - 826 series are now restocked, including a surprise or two in the 822 family! For other wheels, there will be rolling shortages until new supplier catches up. If you can order it, its available, no need to contact me. If a part is turned off and it says On Backorder, check back often. The main business of V-M factory service parts, needles, cartridges, and other parts will continue on as usual.

The 4606-DEX Pickering and 4760-DED, 4761-DED Shure nude diamonds are back in stock now!

US shipping options have changed. First Class is now USPS Ground Advantage and can be selected for any weight (up to 48 oz) same as USPS Priority. Please note this is a Post Office service, USPS Ground Advantage, not UPS Ground. Prices for USPS Ground Advantage are exactly the same as First Class was, up to 11 ounces. For 12 ounces and above the rates are new and are a little less than Priority. During checkout, you will see both prices displayed and you can select your service. As before, Priority will be faster. Both services come with $100 insurance.

More than 20 never before offered vintage magnetic needles have been added over the last several months, from the Astatic NMR line. Some are completely new families and have been added to the Hard to Find 3 menu selection on the Needles/Styli page. Use the Search by Specialty Category search box. Others have been added to existing Pfanstiehl categories (600 and 700 series magnetics) and prices cut, in some cases by half.

A 6.5 inch rubber turntable mat has been added. This can be used on small portable phonos and if center cut out, possibly 45 players. See it on the V-M Turntable Mats and More page, Search by Specialty Category Mats Generic and click GO. Click on the Rmat to see it.

New this month two more EVG nude diamond needles the 4824-DEL Stanton in the 824 needle family, and the 614-DE-N Excel needle in the 614 needle family. See all current offerings on Needles/Styli page, Search by Specialty Category select EVG Nude Diamond and click GO!

Finally, a supply of stereo Astatic plug-in needle-cartridges has surfaced! The Astatic 13at, a lower output more compliant version of the 13t is now on the website. A new family, the 910at family has been established. Also added more 1 mil 911 stock and choices with lower prices. On Needle/Styli page you can use the Search by Specialty Category page, select Plug in Needle/Cartridge and GO to bring up all families.

The popular Pfanstiehl 629-D7 and DE are back in stock, now made in Japan, which resolved the quality issues of the former supplier. As we head into the busy holiday season a reminder to use the Park Your Order feature and then email me for other parts you may need. Can't add to a paid order. Email first. Pay second.

On the Cartridge Installation Parts page, Search by Specialty Category and select Generic Tone Arms to find tone arm and cartridge assemblies for budget phonos. There is no application information available, if you think you can use - great. Continue to keep an eye on the EVG Nude Diamond selection on the Needle/Styli page as another new entry in the 213 needle family has been added.

More cartridge headshells and cartridge carriers or sleds, have been added to the Cartridge Installation Parts page. Search by Specialty Category select Headshell and GO. EVG nude diamond needles are being stocked, check back often by using the Search by Specialty Category box on the Needle/Styli page. The Denon DSN-60E just added.

On the Cartridge Installation Parts page, Search by Specialty Category select Brackets and Mounts to see plug-in needle-cartridge holders added this month. On the same page, select Tone Arm Wire plugs to see Sonotone and E-V cartridge plugs just added.

I recently gathered together years of stock of the round plastic 416-S (V-M Model 1106) adapters, tested and put them on the website. Many new colors are now available. Also new is a replacement needle for the Dual DN251-S which is essentially an Audio Technica replacement 4211-D6C but in black and with a clear flip down needle guard. Can be found searching by Dual or Audio Technica on Needle/Styli page.

Classic GE variable reluctance cartridges in the RPX and VR II series are now available. Some are NOS and some refurbished with new needles, hardware and instruction sheets. On Cartridges page you can use the Search by General Type menu and select Magnetic Cartridges - Mono to be taken right to them.

The 4606-DEX Pickering EVG nude diamond needle is back in stock. Working very hard to keep parts in stock. If not available, I turn it off so you can't order anything that is not in stock. Three new belts have also been added FR2.16, FRM8.2, and FRM15.7.

This month two new needles for the Ortofon MP5 also known as Dual DN245 and DN249E are available, along with sapphire 3 mil needles 710-S3, 4759-S3 and 4766-S3. A new feature allows you to see only the EVG nude diamond needles. On the Needles/Styli page, use the Search by Speciality Category menu and select EVG Nude Diamond and click GO. The list is growing again as quality has improved. Some popular numbers will be restocked in the coming months as supply becomes available.

A new needle to replace the Elac D-155 series is now up along with 3 new roller tires for popular Pioneer cassette decks. A couple new belt sizes added to round out the news. Expect First Class mail slowdowns as we head into the holidays. Select Priority Mail at checkout for faster shipping. Always check your junk email then call if you did not receive a reply as I do reply to everyone.

A big announcement this month for V-M owners! If you have a round plastic V-M adapter that needs a new top medallion, they are now available! Made in USA to original V-M blueprint, in gold and silver to complement any V-M made record changer. On 45 rpm Adapters page, Search by Brand select Voice of Music to find them. Bottom retainer also there. The 4760-DED has been restocked, and 612-DE is also now a nude elliptical.

Two new Audio Technica nude elliptical needles have been added, the 4200-DEC ATS11E replacement, and the 4203-DEX ATN15XE replacement. ADC originals in 111 family too. Sad news to pass along one of the greats in vintage audio, Ed Crockett of Vintage Electronics has passed away. Ed helped me get started in this business with idler wheels and helped countless restorers and businesses keep the old equipment running. He will be missed. August also saw the passing of Alan De Larish of Bluz Bros Entertainent, brother Art is keeping the business going.

Many have asked about small parts like e-rings and fibre washers. Now there is an assortment pack available for people working on many record players and tape recorders. The EWK kit has over 200 pieces, read what is in it on the listing, which can be found on both the Phono Wheels and Turrets page and the Wheels and Pressure Rollers page. Use the Search by Specialty Category menu and highlight Clips and Washers and GO. This kit originally sold for VCR repair has sizes that will be useful for record player and tape recorder wheels and rollers.

I have restocked some name brand magnetic needles - originals from A-T, Empire and others on the Needle/Styli page. Some in very limited quantities that will go fast. Vacation season at the Post Office means slower mail and I am hearing about that so be advised. Forward shipping notice to receive tracking number.

Nothing new this month, it has been so time consuming just to restock from the January thru April rush, the busiest months ever. Projects are underway and there will be news forthcoming. If you need additional parts not on website, please ask before buying, its so much easier! Good luck with those garage sale finds!

This month marks the unofficial beginning of Garage Sale season so I am sure many of you will bring home treasures that need parts! Remember to email with make, model, and approx year made so I can assist. Try to limit pictures to one, and attach them instead of inline. I may shut down a day here and there to try and work on projects and restocking.

New this month - a couple tires. One for Pioneer plastic idlers and one for Sony tape recorder rollers. Both are on the Wheels and Pressure Rollers page. Restocked are the 4764-DE and 4772-DE Shure needles. Other supply issues continue to crop up so other needles will soon be on backorder. The game of "whack a mole" with magnetic needles continues!

Winter project season is in full swing and I am doing my best to keep up with your orders and inquiries. Good news is the mail is more timely but there are still instances when a backlog at a processing plant happens and a package may appear "stuck". Once it gets processed, it moves rapidly to delivery.

Happy New Year! The 4759-DE Pfanstiehl replacement for the Shure N44E, N55E is now back in stock in the 759 needle family. Mail delivery is starting to catch up and I expect all packages mailed in December will get there. Email me for a tracking number.

Tis the season for slow mail,especially this year! Will be closed portions of last two weeks. Thank you for your patience with waiting for email responses the interest in vintage audio is just off the charts! DEC 6: Stanton restocking! 4822-DEE-P, 4824-DE, 4826-DE, 4826-DEL and Pickering 4609-DE are now in stock.

Very busy will take longer than usual to answer all the emails. NOV 22: The 4604-DEC Pickering and 4820-DE Stanton needles are back in stock. Continue to watch this message as it will be updated if more needle backorders arrive.

The 4771-DEJ nude elliptical replacement for the N97-EJ has been added to the 771 family. October 18: The 4606 DEM and DEX have been restocked as nude ellipticals. The 4761-DED Shure N91-ED replacement is now back in stock. All shipments are getting to customers, some still take more time than in the past. Forward shipping notice email to get a tracking number.

August was incredibly busy here, so no time to work on new product offerings. Sept 16 - The Pfanstiehl P-191 cartridge for certain Magnavox models is back in stock. A new Sony elliptical needle has been added to the ND250 family, the ND250-E. First Class continues to be slow, and varies widely from normal speed to who knows how long. Watch this space for out of stock needle arrivals.

Two new cartridge choices have been added, both while supplies last. In the Pfanstiehl P51 family, the P51-3D with diamond needle for playing 78s. Under Garrard or Sonotone, find the Garrard KS40A one of the better ceramics of its day. Continue to have patience with slow mail delivery and watch this message for more magnetic needle deliveries in late July.

Mail service remains slow and some packages taking longer than normal. JUNE 26: Shure bonded ellipticals in 760, 762, 768, 771, 774 and 778 needles families are now restocked. JUNE 23: Nude diamond ellipticals for ADC, Shure have arrived in 108, 759, 761 and 767 needle families, EVG Swiss, clearly marked as nude diamonds in part description. JUNE 6: Some ADC, Pickering, Shure bonded ellipticals in 111, 606, 608, 761 and 776 needle families are now available. Continue to watch this space for updates when more needles arrive.

The pandemic continues to hamper deliveries both to me and to you. First Class taking 1-3 plus weeks and Priority generally 4 to 10 days for delivery. May 8: On the magnetic diamond elliptical needle front, 4760-DED and 4761-DED Shure nude diamond ellipticals have arrived. In 760 and 761 needle families. Continue to watch this space where arrivals of out of stock needles will be announced.

April 23 update: Shure aftermarket 4764-DE (VN35E) and 4772-DE (VN45E) needles have been restocked. April 11 update: Limited stocks of Shure aftermarket elliptical needles received: 4761, 4771, 4776, and 4778 in their respective needle families 761, 771, 776 and 778. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted magnetic needle manufacture. Continue to watch this message for the latest restocking updates. In other news, some hard to find round BSR and RCA 45 adapters have been restocked. Original Pickering 604-D7T and 605-D7T (with brush) needles have been restocked.

March 11 UPDATE - 4208-DE, 4211-DE, 629-DE and 4608-DEX are back in stock. Continue to watch this space for news on arrival of other diamond ellipticals. New conicals have been added, the 4541-D7, 4542-D7V, 4761-D7 and 4767-D7 are now available in their respective Ortofon and Shure needle families.

Popular magnetic diamond elliptical needles are still on backorder. Latest status from Pfanstiehl is that some will be shipping the end of this month, and as soon as received here, I will turn these back on for ordering. Expected are the 4208-DE, 4212-DE, 629-DE and others. The remainder will arrive in March or April or as subsequent updates indicate. No word yet on EVG sourced needles. Four new belts have been added to the listings, including the FRL23.6 used in Sansui models.

Happy New Year! January is the busiest month of the year so I expect it will take longer than usual to answer questions. I can't advise on amplifier issues or servicing of record changers not made by V-M, but can advise on needles, cartridges, idler wheels and the other parts on the website, in most situations. I expect a significant shipment of needles from Pfanstiehl this month and will open up ordering of out of stock parts as soon as they come in!

New this month is a Tetrad cartridge adapter plug, which allows using a conventional wire harness with round clips, where there is space in the headshell to do so. On the Cartridge Installation Parts page, use the Search box and select Tone Arm Wire Plugs and click GO. Heading into the busy time of year, so reply times may be longer, especially Sunday thru Tuesday, thank you for your patience!

What's the update on magnetic needles? Several popular numbers are out of stock and that is due to equipment failure at the factory. There is no timeline yet on when all needles will be resocked. New this month, the V-M tall round 412-S 45 rpm adapter is back in stock. These are light used or new old stock and all have been relubricated and tested. These will work on post 1962 tall spindle models built with lighter actuating force pushers, and will also work on the older models that use the VM-1101 metal adapter.

The new Pfanstiehl P-191 Magnavox cartridge replacement is in. This one has a flip needle LP/78 and replaces the older single tip version which is clearance priced. See the Cartridge page. New SA-7 dome adapter is also in, on the Phono Accessories page, and a new pressure roller tire for the Nakamichi Dragon cassette has been added to the Wheels and Pressure rollers page under the Tape Recorder section.

Very limited numbers of name brand magnetic needle originals have been put up on the website. These will sell out quickly! Check your favovite brand on the Needles/Styli page by using the Search Needle by Cartridge Brand menu and make your selection.

This month, V-MAE finishes a celebration of V-M Corporation’s 75th anniversary with the release of brand logo plates and emblems! These can be used to decorate a record changer or wood base, cover a blemish, or for any other purpose. See them on the Other V-M Phono Parts page, Search by Specialty Category and select Brand Logos. In addition to Voice of Music and V-M there are also logos of other companies that V-M made products for. V-M Corporation was established in June of 1944 and it’s a testament to the people who built them that many V-M products are still going strong today!

Vintage new old stock ADC magnetic cartridges are now available! Special buy of K8 and QLMIII, while supplies last. Also see the new P192D ceramic cartridge. Rubber-metal cantilever flip needle construction, narrow width, and 2-4g tracking. On Cartridges page, Search by Cartridge Brand, select Pfanstiehl and click GO. Scroll down to bottom of page and click on the P192D. Comes with four round clips and bracket for half inch mount at a very attractive price.

Cartridge brackets and mounts have been added this month. Plastic brackets for popular P132, P188, P226, and P228 are available to replace broken or missing parts, and metal brackets for popular Shure magnetic cartridges and EV and Astatic ceramics. See Cartridge Installation Parts page and Search by Specialty Category, select Brackets and Mounts. There you will also find popular Tetrad mounts. This just in - California has passed new legislation and V-MAE will no longer be required to collect sales tax. Any tax collected to this point will be sent to the state per their directive.

In response to customer requests, there is a new mounting screw kit now available on the Cartridge Installation Parts page, use Search menu and select Hardware to find it. It’s the HP-4 kit with longer screws for the plastic bracket ceramics - P132, P226, P228 series and P190. If you are using these to replace a cartridge with a metal bracket, such as the Sonotone 2T, 8T and many others, you will need longer screws as the plastic bracket is thicker. Kit contains 3 sizes that should cover the majority of the mid century phonos.

Happy New Year! January has turned out busier than December as the winter project people place orders and field questions. Email response time, especially on Sunday thru Tuesday, may be slower than normal.

The new Seeburg 4729 D7/PR needles are in stock! These replace the green D34507 needle, see Needle/Styli page and Search by Specialty Category = Jukebox to see all the available needles. Two new cartridge kits, the KCCD medium output for 78 players and KCOBRA for Zenith models with the cramped Cobra tone arm headshell using EV26 or similar small half inch mount cartridge are now available. Finally – Tis the season for SLOW First Class Mail, select Priority Mail during checkout for faster more consistent delivery timing, especially as the holidays draw near.

The busy season kicked off the week before Halloween this year, a few words about that. Please allow extra time for me to answer emails, especially afternoon emails. Special requests may have to wait to the weekend to research. Orders flying in overnight may not go out until the day after. Thank you everyone for your business, doing the best I can to keep up!

I have restocked some original magnetic needles. A word to people new to vintage audio, if you order a genuine Shure say a 760-D7Z, that does not mean it comes in Shure packaging. Back in the day, all the manufacturers sold needles in bulk trays to the aftermarket companies like Pfansitiehl, Astatic and E-V which did their own packaging. Most all of the new old stock needles sold here are aftermarket packaged but all are authentic.

More needles have been put up this month. To see them, go to the Needles/Styli page and use the Search by Specialty Category menu and select Hard to Find 3. The popular 4822-DEE-P needle is now back in stock. A new book now available about that other Benton Harbor company - Heathkit! Chuck Penson WA7ZZE prepared this book which is centered on Hi Fi and Stereo - with lots of pictures and specs, a thick book. A few V-M record changers as well. I searched the usual online book sellers with Chuck's name and call sign and it came right up!

Nothing new last month, July always very busy and with vacations. So a reminder to click on Read More at the end of this message as the last several months have had important product news. Please also make sure your inquiry emails have make, model and approximate year made if known, and how many speeds of records played if a very old model. I can provide part guidance and some general guidance but can't diagnose most problems over the internet. I have lists of vintage audio servicers to share for most states (free just ask by state). There are the audio forums as well that might be able to assist.

Several new cartridge kits are now available, and others have been significantly changed, so be sure to read the listings carefully. On Cartridges page, scroll down to Cartridge Kits and select ALL in the search box and click GO. A Magnavox replacement guide is available, send an email for yours.

New needles put up this month, elliptical upgrades in the 596 (Phillips), 706 (Panasonic) and 798 (Technics) needle families. Some rare Shure and A-T originals as well. New belts including improved performance sizes for Thorens models, see FRS20.7 and FRS21.6 belt listings in the largest Flat Belt menu selection on Phono Belts page.

Three projects came together last month. V-MAE developed a new belt for the Zenith Professional series record changer, better known as the one with the 45 adapter that folds into the mat. Belt is the FRM22.5 on the Phono Belts page. Also the platter mounts Zenith 125-106 are now available on the Phono Motor Mounts page. Working with EVG, I am happy to announce a new replacement for the Shure N70BX. This lighter tracking needle is the 4766-D7T in the 766 family on the Needle/Styli page. It can also replace the Shure N44GX in the 779 family.

The March news is the story for April, be sure to read about both the new 865 needle and the EVG sourcing changeover by clicking on the Read More link. First, V-M Audio Enthusiasts has designed a new needle for Pfanstiehl that boosts the output of the P228 up to 0.8v which makes it a better substitute for numberous old 1 volt cartridges from Astatic, EV, Sontone and more! All P228 cartridges and KCCA kits now contain the new 865 needle which also features a new improved rubber coupler. The boost from 0.5v to 0.8v is significant and will provide more volume and better bass response. The 865 needle can also be purchased separately and used with any P132, P226 and P228 cartridge purchased previously.

Concerning magnetic needles, the “EVG Japan” needles will sell out and disappear, and be replaced with “EVG Swiss” or not replaced at all if the Pfanstiehl product is identical. Please do not contact me with whether or not a needle is Japan sourced. Look on the website, read the needle listing. It will be kept meticulously up to date. What it says, is what you will receive. This transition has already started, the 4767-DED has already flipped to EVG Swiss. Some Japan sourced needles might be available for a year or more as V-MAE stocked up where possible. As always, I stand behind every needle sale and any issues will be addressed. Any needles found to be consistent troublemakers will be removed from the website.

Pfanstiehl has retooled the Seeburg juke box needles in the 726 and 727 families. These are redesigned and retooled and the low volume problems associated with past needles has been resolved. On the Needles/Styli page, use the Search by Specialty Category menu and select “Jukebox” to see all the offerings. This search menu is also on other pages and can be useful to see certain slices of the product offerings.

Customer requests for magnetic cartridge screw sets has resulted in several new offerings. Visit the Cartridge Installation Parts page and find Hardware in the Search box and click GO. Also new are some original Audio Technica needles in the 201 and 216 needle families, and hard to find needles from Micro Seiki, Nagaoka,Philips, and Sonotone.

The Tonar TN-3434 soft bristle record cleaning brush is new this month, see it on the Phono Accessories page. Four new square cut belts have been added to both Phono and Tape Recorder Belts pages, remember to see the Belt Measurement Help! page for belt sizing advice. Two Audio Technica genuine needles, the ATN95E (216-DET) is now back in stock and the ATN3660YL has been added. Prices are rising on certain current production cartridges and magnetic needles, supplier price hikes last Winter will now have to roll through as cheaper stock has sold out. Quality will be maintained, I will not sell inferior replacements.

Sixty new needles have been added this month, mostly for 70s and 80s models from Japan. On the Needles/Styli page, use the Search by Specialty Category menu and select Hard to Find 2 and click GO. All the new additions will come up. You can search by needle and phono brand as well so that all offerings pertaining to your selection will be displayed.

A new phono ground wire with lugs for magnetic cartridge models has been added to the Phono Accessories page. Search on Preamp – see the Pfanstiehl PGW. On the Needle/Styli page a new wide body replacement for the Pickering DTL1-E and DTL2-E has been added in the 609 needle family, the 4609-DE-W from EVG. The 817 Sanyo/Fisher needle family has been split into the 817-D7 to replace ST-07D (no magnet) and the 817-D7A which replaces ST-08D (with magnet). Please note that no orders will ship August 8-11 and the office will be closed. Shipments resume August 12.

Much news this month. Pressure rollers, tires and wheels for 70s and 80s era tape recorders such as Pioneer, Akai, TEAC, and others. Some are there now, check back all month for the rest, as they arrive they will be put up. Search the Wheels and Presssure Rollers page. More hard to find phono and jukebox idler wheels have been added to the Phono Wheels and Turrets page. Search by Brand or Specialty Category to find them.

This month, a trip way back in time and now there are needles for older set screw type cartridges and acoustic windup phonos! On the Needles/Styli page, use the Search by Specialty Category menu and find the new Set Screw, Conventional category. Highlight it and click GO. Popular 3 mil needles when sold out can be replaced by 2 mils and in fact, some prefer them as they track lower in the groove in a less worn out region of the record.

Happy New Year! This month a couple of new needles. A replacment for the Audio Technica ATN-201P has been added to the 215 needle family, the 4215-D7. The Shure 760 family has received a new needle, the 4760-D6C, replacing the N75-C and others.

This month, two needles for AKG cartridges have been added, and the first of the new 864-DS73 needles have arrived! The 864's have a more compliant rubber coupling for improved record tracking. Reminder that default First Class Mail can be very slow this time of year. Select Priority Mail at checkout for more consistent, faster delivery. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season from VMAE!

A replacement for the Excel QD-700C cartridge has been added this month on the Cartridge page, Search by Cartridge Brand Excel. There will be no shipouts on Saturday, October 15. See you at the Detroit Sound Conservancy's Sound Conference III in Detroit! The sale on 864 and 793 needles will continue this month while supplies last.

New flat belt sizes (FRSP numbers), some hard to find Audio Technica and Nagaoka needles, and some cartridges have been added recently. In the cartridge category, the EV54 RCA (in phase) cartridge, the EV274 BSR-C1 cartridge, and a high output 2.2 volt half inch mount crystal cartridge, EV5344 (BSR), have all been added. Use the search menus to find all the new products on their respective category pages.

Announcing a more versatile round pin cartridge wire clip that may eliminate soldering! The VM 17992 Combo-clip can be soldered to tone arm wires as usual – or used as an adapter clip that will accept the flat blade clips on tone arm wires in phonos where Sonotone and other older flat blade style cartridges are being replaced. Now on the Cartridge Installation Parts page, Search by Specialty Category = Cartridge Clip. Remember when you buy any round pin ceramic cartridge here, it will come with clips, even though cartridge suppliers are no longer providing them! Over time, our round pin cartridges will phase in usage of the nw Combo-clips. They can be requested starting now on all round pin cartridge sales to meet your immediate needs.

The new Pfanstiehl tape head and tool demagnatizer is now available. Click on Tape Recorder Accessories and Search on Tape Generic Acc to find the DM-1. More Shure original needles have been added (756 to 764 needle families), with more to come in the future. As always, supply is limited on these.

A magnetic cartridge hardware pack from Pfanstiehl is now offered on the Cartridge Installation Parts page. Search by Specialty Category and select Hardware and the HP-1 hardware pack will appear. Also, genuine Audio Technica ATN 120E needles are back in stock, the 208 family our part 208-DE. Other aftermarket magnetic replacements for name brand needles have also been added, some in limited supply.

Pfanstiehl has changed sourcing of the P188 ceramic cartridges. Stock is now coming in from Japan and will be genuine Chuo Denshi. Build quality and needle fit has improved but prices will rise on these as the new product is phased in over the next several months. P188 has converted over but will stay at the same price while special introductory price quantities last. The P188BR with standard bracket is the new P190. The old P190 with tall bracket is now P190TALL. The K45A kit for the 45 players will also rise in price once the introductory pricing period ends.

New needles have been added to the website. In the 608 family, the 4608-DEX from EVG is a brand new hyperelliptical replacement for the Pickering D4500Q. Pfanstiehl has released 3 new Philips needles – in the 595 family there is now an elliptical replacement for the D58-59 (GP401cartridge) and the new 597 family contains a conical replacement for the D65 (GP400II), and an elliptical replacement for the D67 (GP412E).

Happy New Year! I would like to welcome all new idler wheel customers from Vintage Electronics! Effective January 1, Ed Crockett of Vintage Electronics has turned over the idler wheel rebuilding business to V-M Audio Enthusiasts. Ed will continue in business and focus on needles and cartridges. In 2016 V-MAE will continue to focus on supply issues, finding or making replacements for parts that are no longer available.

Numerous requests for the cartridge retainer for RCA floating cartridges can now be satisfied! A 3-D printed reproduction is now available on the Cartridge Installation Parts page. Search by Specialty Category and select Cartridge Retainer. Click on RCA115327. Also new this month the Pfanstiehl MG-09D-LB, the LB stands for Less Bracket. For newer reproduction phonos with snap mount. It may also be useful for vintage audio enthusiasts looking to custom fit a magnetic cartridge into a small, thin headshell. See it on the Cartridge page, Search by Cartridge Brand, Chuo Denshi.

A small quantity of Stanton D70E needles are now available on the Needles/Styli page, Search by Cartridge Brand = Stanton. Click on the 826 family; it’s the 826-DEG. This needle will fit the L700E and L720E p-mount cartridges.

New this month are two new accessories from Pfanstiehl. The CA-1 cartridge alignment protractor helps you align your magnetic cartridge for offset and overhang. See the Phono Accessories page (Measurement Acc search). Also available is a straight arm headshell with leads for ADC type arms, see the Cartridge Installation Parts page (Headshell search). It is the HS-3B. A reminder that magnetic cartridges mounted on headshells are also available on the Cartridge page (Search by Specialty Category = Magnetic Cartridge with Headshell).

Lately, some customers have been surprised to learn that V-MAE carries tape recorder parts. Yes, the left menu has a tape recorder section below phono. For the classic recorders of all brands have wheels, pressure rollers, and rubber belts. Fabric takeup belts for brands other than V-M must be made, email for suggestions how you can do that. For 70's and 80's reel, pressure rollers may require a custom rebuild of your old roller as these parts were not offered on the aftermarket. For V-M tape recorders, a nearly complete line of parts is available by inquiry. New heads can really improve the fidelity in many cases and then you'll see how amazing these can sound.

More ceramic cartridges, both new additions and restocked favorites, have made their way online this month! New additions include the Astatic 153 and 157 series. The 157RD with its spring loaded mounting bracket, could be used (with some work) in mid-60’s RCA models to replace sprung cartridges that are no longer available. The EV106VDB and Astatic 17D also make their debut and the EV26D, and Astatic 710 (Euphonics) cartridges are once again available. Please remember during checkout to check your Ship To address and decide on shipping method (First Class or Prioirity in US) before purchasing. If you have questions, please ask before buying!

Launching this month to make finding the right needle easier, is the new Search by Phono Brand option on the Needles/Styli page. This feature will bring up all needle families that are known to have been used with the record player brand selected. Some name brand magnetic cartridge needles have many choices, so continue to look at the tracking force information and suffix of the part number to make a good choice. If you need more help, Contact Us with make, model and as much info on the cartridge or needle as you can find.

Popular obsolete cartridges are selling out everywhere and the need to improvise is increasing. New this month is a cartridge substitution web page. Click on the Cartridge page and then on Cartridge Substitution Help! in the text for information and examples on how to make modern available cartridges work in most cases. A reminder that V-MAE has many less popular obsolete cartridges in stock; these are not shown on the website (please inquire). A second new page explains the needle part number system and its history. Click on Needles/Sylii page and then click on the link in the text to access this informative page.

The EV Tetrad cartridge lineup announced in January has changed for the better. The EV5632 series has been created, each with a different mount. A universal replacement (EV5632-Uni) version without a mount is available for use in a Tetrad headshell. See Cartridges page, Search by Cartridge Brand and select Tetrad and GO. These will increasingly be recommended to replace other brands of cartridges that are no longer available. Their compact design and range of output voltage affords flexibility. Also this month, some hard to find Empire needles have been added on the Needles/Stylii page. Empire can now be searched as a brand, as well as the original name, Audio Empire.

More hard to find idler wheels have been added this month for Lenco, Panasonic, RCA, Thomson, Thorens, and other brands. Jukebox wheels have also been added. Use the Search by Specialty Category menu on the Phono Wheels and Turrets page to bring all the jukebox wheels up at once. All the recently added wheels require mail in of old part and rebuilt stock is limited so there may be a delay in shipping if wheels are out for rebuilding. Always looking to buy used idler wheels with good hubs for rebuilding to strengthen and expand supplies.

Let's discuss the Varco replacement cartridges sold as P132, P226, P228, EV5126, EV5208 and other numbers. These are important current production cartridges with flip needles that replace a wide range of stereo and mono cartridges. I learned that these products all contain the same cartridge. The voltage ratings attached to the various listings (P132, P226, etc) pertained to the originals, not the current replacements . To set the record straight, I have revised all listings to show 0.5v and 4-8g tracking, to reflect the cartridge that you are actually buying, and so this website will no longer match catalog data or other website's listings. Order the P228 for replacing a monaural cartridge, as we add a tone arm wire snippet for making jumpers.

Fresh motor mounts are very important for quiet operation of your record player. Announcing a new, retooled lineup for Garrard, Magnavox, Webcor and other models. Our M1 and M2 mounts are all new and carry a new lower price! Visit the Phono Motor Mounts page. Mounts are designed by V-M Audio Enthusiasts and manufactured in USA from a premium vibration absorbing rubber. Also, in the Grommets section, the 25P558 grommet for Webcor tone arm hinges has been added. Remember, there are no references for motor mounts so use the measurements provided to determine suitability in your application.

New this month - Magnetic cartridge and headshell assemblies for most 70s and 80s turntables. Offerings are from Pfanstiehl and ADC! Both feature premium, durable and attractive headshells. See them on the Cartridges page, Search by Cartridge Brand or use the Search by Specialty Category menu and select Magnetic Cartridge with Headshell. The ADC cartridge and headshell is new old stock, while supplies last.

Cartridge knobs have been added to the Cartridge Installation Parts page. There are two new entries in the search menu. One is for GE and Zenith cartridge knobs, and the other is for turnover style cartridge knobs. As always, contact us if you are not sure what part you need for your record player.

Our value line of magnetic cartridges has changed as a result of recent announcements by Pfanstiehl. The MG29 and MG29E have been replaced by the MG09D and the MG09DE models. These cartridges are higher quality than the ones they replace and yet still reasonably priced. New round belts have been added - OB18.9, OB22.7, OB30.6 and OB27.4. A conical replacement for the Shure VN4-78E has been added (4772-D3) to the 772 family of needles on the Needles/Stylii page.

The 78 rpm Needle Genie stopped by V-MAE, and granted our wish for more 3-mil tipped magnetic cartridge needles! For Ortofon, Shure and Stanton. On the Needles/Stylii page, check out new offerings in the 541, 757, 764, 822 and 824 needle families.

Five larger sizes of round belts have been added to our selection. Some of the 60's thru 80's open reel tape recorders need these sizes. The OA16.4 has been added, and offerings in the OB class now extend to OB25.8. These are available from both the Tape Recorder Belts and Phono Belts pages. Use the Search by Specialty Category menu and select Round Belts and GO. The Belt Measurement Help! page explains how to measure your old belt and don't forget to multiply the IC measurement by .95, even if using the string method!

This month, more needles have been put up on the website, with more to come in the future! Click on the Needles/Stylii link and use the Search by Specialty Category menu. Select Hard to Find and click GO. Most of these are for 70's era players by Aiwa, Dennon, Hitachi, Kenwood, Sony, and the like.

The new Pfanstiehl SPG stylus gauge is now available! On the Phono Accessories page, search on Measurement Acc to find it. Please note - on June 1, most idler wheel and pressure roller prices will rise to $28.

The new Pfanstiehl MG09D magnetic cartridge has been added to the Cartridges page. This is made by Chuo Denshi in Japan and offers outstanding quality at a modest price. Also available while supplies last is the ADC QLM30 Mk III stereo cartridge. This new old stock model is suitable for semi and fully automatic record changers.

For the new year, new offerings! The V-M Turntable Mats and More page is now up. Platter mats and trim rings for Voice of Music, Zenith, Motorola, Philco and other brands with V-M made changers. Also sensor parts and turntable retainers and bearings. Contact us if you need help determining the correct mat for your model.

Wheels, turrets, rollers! Added some hard to find parts and made many changes to status of existing parts. Many no longer require mail in of old part, lowering your cost and making ordering more convenient. Many popular wheels now have an option to purchase without mail in of old part. Read the part description - it says clearly if old part must be mailed in or not. As always, check with me before buying if not sure which part is correct and check ID and OD measurements provided. Don't rely on the pictures alone!

A new cartridge kit (KCCC) has been added to replace cartridges with output in the 1.3 to 2 volt range on older 78 rpm only record players. See it on the Cartridges page. Scroll down to Cartridge Kits menu and click on 78 rpm category.

Tone arm rest posts for record changers made by V-M for all brands of record players. These are on the Other V-M Phono Parts page, available on the Search by Specialty Category menu. Many rests posts look alike so be sure to email the V-M model number of your changer and I will identify what part you need. See the Do I have a V-M? web page on the left menu to learn how to identify the V-M model number of your changer.

The new Pfanstiehl P411 Tetrad universal replacement joins the P409 on the Cartridges page. NOTE! All modern Tetrads no matter what brand or where bought, require a new wire harness as the new replacements are made differently than original Tetrads. All of our Pfanstiehl Tetrad replacements now include a new wire harness and instructions at no increase in price. In addition, the new Tetrad compatible wire harness, part TA-W-Tet, has been added on the Cartridge Installation Parts page, Search by Specialty Category, Tone Arm Wire for separate purchase if needed.

A reminder that when looking for a 45 rpm adapter, it may be beneficial to look at the Center Post Spindles page first. If you can identify the centerpost on your model from the pictures, the listing info will also say which 45 adapter fits that spindle (where known).

Turntable retainers and needle protectors are now available for self order on the Other V-M Phono Parts page. These parts may fit other brands as well. The new MG-55C and P191 cartridges announced in March are now in stock!

This month, more 45 adapters have been added to the 45 rpm Adapters page. Crosley has discontinued the 45 adapter for their repro changers, but I have one that works and its very reasonalbly priced! Search by Brand = Crosley. Some idler wheels where there is ample stock can now be ordered without trade in for a higher price. The listing will show two idler wheel selections if a no trade in sale is offered.

Happy New Year! The big news here is still our new belt menus, but plans for putting up more parts on the website are progressing, so check back often. The US Post Office is raising parcel shipping rates on January 23 rather substantially. After years of absorbing these increases, we will have to raise our shipping and handling rates at this time.

BELTS! Over 700 sizes are now on our menus! V-M Audio Enthusiasts presents them in a compact listing by type and size for the "do it yourself" person. The Phono Belts and Tape Recorder Belts pages have both been updated with new Search features. Each main page also has a link to the Belt Measurement Help! page to help you figure out what you need. Contact us with the make and model number - if references exist, we will advise. Remember, put us on your safe senders list before emailing. If you do not see a reply soon after, call. Look for more products to be made available for self order in 2012!

More RCA 45 player goodies! Two different styles of reproduction feet are now available replacing RCA 31051 and RCA 76787 on the V-M and RCA 45 Player Parts page. Also now in stock, the idler wheel for the car 45 players. Go to the Phono Wheels and Turrets page, Search by Specialty Category = 45 RPM, and look for the RCA 108394 wheel.

Shure cartridges! Both current and vintage models, along with the new Pfanstiehl MG-29P economy p mount cartridge! Also added 3 more tone arm wire assemblies, a Silvertone 45 adapter, and a Philco idler wheel in this update. Our friends at the Tube Radio Forum have just added a Tutorial and Electronic Tips forum, in addition to their phonograph discussion group.

More cartridges! Over 80 vintage phono Cartridges have been added to the menus for self-order. Use the Search by Specialty Category menu to find cartridges by voltage range! Search by Cartridge Brand to find all cartridges by a specific maker. This selection is more complete than Search by Phono Brand. The entire cartridge inventory is still not online so as always, Contact Us if you don't see what you are looking for. Remember to check out the cartridge kits as well!

Check out the new product page on our left menu for the buyer salvaging a vintage record changer or turntable from another phono for standalone use. It’s the Turntable AC and Sound Cords page featuring AC power cords with plugs to fit the recepticles on V-M, BSR, and other popular record players. Don’t have a recepticle? There is also a socket kit to add one!

The record changer center posts and manual player stub spindles are now on menus! Search by record player brand on the revised Center Post Spindles page. After searching, click on the pic to see the specifications, including the 45 adapter that would fit the pictured center post, if known.

Introducing the KMGVX2 cartridge kit to replace EV26 and Euphonics cartridges mounted on a metal bracket for Magnavox models. See it on the Cartridges page. Scroll down to Cartridge Kits and select Magnavox Bracket from the search menu and click Go! Requires that you have the old cartridge metal bracket to mount the replacement on.

The NEW Pfanstiehl P51 is here! Features new cartridge body with wider mounting flange, "low silhouette" design and conventional round pins. Go to the Cartridges page and Search by Specialty Category 45 rpm or Jukebox for a picture and prices.

Now available! Idler wheel tire for Panasonic SFM1915A03 plastic idler wheel (tire is part 1407-13T). Also added, the 1499-47A idler wheel for Elac models with variable speed control. Go to the Phono Wheels and Turrets page and Search by Brand to find these offerings. The complete Panasonic idler wheel assembly will continue to be available.

NEW products - Pfanstiehl 213-SE needle (genuine Audio Technica) for AT-311EP cartridge. 4213-HE is a generic hyperelliptical upgrade for all cartridges using 213 family needles. Generic hyperelliptical replacement 4771-DHE replacing Shure N97XE, N97HE is also now available! Search Needle by Cartridge Brand on our Needles/Stylii page to find these new needles.

Now on the Cartridges page! Plug-in needle cartridges - our entire selection! Search by Specialty Category "Plug-in Needle/Cartridge" and click on the picture of interest. Don’t forget to check out our cartridge kit selections!

Looking for a 78 rpm cartridge replacement with double the needle life? Use the new Cartridge Kit menu on the Cartridges page and select search item "78 rpm" to bring up the KCC-B cartridge kit. Comes with a variety of mounting hardware to make installing easier!

Just arrived - custom molded chassis cones for RCA 45 players! Cartridge kits for the 45 players also available on line. Click on V-M & RCA 45 Player Parts to access these parts. All cartridge kits offered are now available on the Cartridges page.

Now in stock. Pressure roller for Revere tape recorders - Aftermarket part 1488-06. All aftermarket part numbers of rollers, wheels, and turrets are now available as new old stock (where good), or rebuilt with new rubber.

New! Crescent Model 445 stacking adapter for 45 rpm records in gold with maroon cap added to 45 adapters. Click on 45 rpm Adapters and Search by Brand on Crescent. Click on 425-S to see description of color choices (new part added is 425-S2).

The menus for most commonly needed products are at left. Choose a search and then click on the picture of the item of interest for details. Please Contact Us if you don't see what you need. Clicking on the picture again on the detail page will bring up a larger picture.

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