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VM 36948

Motor mount grommet for Voice of Music (V-M) and many other brands of record changers, turntables, and phonographs.

Replacement Comments:
Replaces part VM3489, VM6631, VM36948 used on most record changer and turntable models; replaces similar part on record changers and turntables under many brands; replaces aftermarket part 1499-01. Brands known to use this mount in at least some models include Admiral, Airline(Wards), BSR, GE, Motorola, RCA (later models), Zenith and more. Mid 70s Akai turntables, AP-003 and AP-005.

ID (inches): 0.175
Height (inches): 0.335

ID shown is at small end.

Part # Description Replacement Comment Availability Price Add To Cart
VM36948Motor mount grommet   Available$1.00


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