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VM 2773

Motor mount grommet for V-M and RCA record changers and turntables with General Industries (GI) motors.

Replacement Comments:
VM part 2773 replaces parts 1157, 17207 for numerous early to mid-50's record players with GI motors; Replaces RCA part 74087, 75761, 76751, 78514 for 45 players and other record players with straight mounting shaft; replaces similar era parts for many other brands. Can be turned upside down to replace grommets in Garrard RC72A, RC75, RC80 models. Zenith part 125-61 and many others. Also fits Rotel RP-2500 turntable.

ID (inches): 0.160
Height (inches): 0.340

ID shown is at small end. ID at large end is 1/4 inch.
OD at small end is 5/16 inch. OD at large end is half inch. Groove diameter is 3/8 inch.

Part # Description Replacement Comment Availability Price Add To Cart
VM2773Motor mount grommet   Available$1.00


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