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VM 16929

Idler drive wheel for VM Model 1500 two speed changer in Voice of Music, Arvin, Symphonic, Teletone, Truetone, and other models.

Replacement Comments:
Replaces VM part VM16929 for Voice of Music 630, 301 phonos; Arvin part for Arvin 47643-1 model; Truetone (Western Auto) 4DC6215 model. This wheel ONLY FOR TWO SPEED changers, do not order for four speed changer.

OD (inches): 1.665
ID (inches): 0.185
Height (inches): 0.720

Part # Description Replacement Comment Availability Price Add To Cart
VM16929Phono idler wheel - REQUIRES mail in of old part to address on purchase confirmation email   Available$30.00


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