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Pfanstiehl P-51 Astatic 51

Modern ceramic monaural cartridge used in jukebox, 45 and 78 rpm players with single tip needle, two clips, 1/2 in mount. For RCA 45 players, see our K45B Kit in the Cartridge Kit search selection.

OEM Cartridge Part Numbers: Astatic part 51, 408, AC, CAC, GC series cartridges; Electro-Voice part EV 33, EV 5207, EV 5222, EV 5242

Replacement Comments:
Replaces GE part EA1493, Motorola part 61150, Pfanstiehl part P14, P127, P200, P209, Silvertone (Sears) part 89242, 89243.

Output: Mono
Output Voltage: 0.5v
Tracking Force: 8g

*May require longer screws!* Order HP-4 on Cartridge Installation Parts page, Search by Specialty Category, select Hardware and GO.
Order variety with needle needed for your application.

Part # Description Replacement Comment Replacement Needle(s) Availability Price Add To Cart
P51-1Ceramic mono cartridge with 0.7 mil sapphire needle for 16,33, 45 rpm recordsAstatic 51-1, AC-C, CAC-W, GC  700S7 Available$15.00
P51-1DCeramic mono cartridge with 0.7 mil diamond needle for 16,33, 45 rpm recordsSame as P51-1 but with diamond needle  700D7 Available$18.00
P51-2Ceramic mono cartridge with 2 mil sapphire needle compromise tip for all record speedsAstatic 51-2, AC-C-AG, AC-C-78, CAC-AGW, CAC-78, GC-AG  700S2 Available$15.00
P51-3Ceramic mono cartridge with 3 mil sapphire needle for 78 rpm recordsAstatic 51-3J, 51-3M, AC-C78, GC-78  700S3 Available$15.00


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