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Pfanstiehl P-188 Chuo Denshi CZ-800

Low cost ceramic cartridge with single tip needle, round pins for Crosley and many other recent model phonos. Snaps into tonearm. Now genuine Chuo Denshi, Japan.

OEM Cartridge Part Numbers: Chuo Denshi CZ-800-300

Replacement Comments:
Replaces Chuo Denshi part CZ-800 for numerous phono models appearing under many brands including Alaron, Casio, Crosley, Crown, Curtis-Mathes, Daewood, Electro Brand, Emerson, Fisher, Gold Star, Lloyd's, Magnavox, Marantz, Panasonic, Penncrest (JC Penney), Philco, Pilot, Realistic, Sanyo, Sears, Sharp, Sound Design, Sylvania, Symphonic, TEAC, York (Yorx) & others.

Output: Stereo
Output Voltage: 0.35v
Tracking Force: 2-4g

With bracket, see P190 or P190TALL. For use in RCA 45 players, see our K45A Kit on the Cartridge Kit search selection.
Comes with four round cartridge clips.
3 mil needle available for 78 rpm records can be purchased separately. See 793 (793 S3 or D3).

Part # Description Replacement Comment Replacement Needle(s) Availability Price Add To Cart
P188-DCeramic stereo cartridge with all plastic 0.7 mil diamond LP needle  793D7 Available$16.00
P188-D7MCeramic stereo cartridge with 0.7 mil diamond LP needle (metal cantilever)  793D7M Available$21.00
P188-SCeramic stereo cartridge with all plastic 0.7 mil sapphire LP needle  793S7 Available$12.00


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