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Kit K45A

RCA 45 player cartridge replacement kit - Comes with Cho Denshi CZ-800 ( P188) cartridge, four short color coded tone arm wire snippets with connectors for jumping L, R to mono, and instruction sheet.

Replacement Comments:
** Kit requires that you have your old cartridge to make into a mounting bracket. Soldering required. ** See V-M and RCA 45 Player Parts page for a picture of the completed installation. Replaces RCA 74067, 74625, 75475, 75476, 75575, 76318, 77779; Astatic 408, 410; E-V 74, 159. Replaces all original cartridges with about 1.0 volt output.

Output Voltage: 0.35v
Tracking Force: 3-5g

Models requiring a 3.0 volt cartridge cannot use this kit.
Replacement needle: 793-D7 or you can order 793-D7M separately as an upgrade.

Part # Description Replacement Comment Availability Price Add To Cart
K45A45 player cartridge replacement kit, P-188 based, with 0.7 mil all plastic diamond needle   Available$17.00


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