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Amplock Cord A

Record changer AC power cord assembly with Amplok connector (power cord only). This is NOT A PHONOGRAPH POWER CORD. See Comments before ordering!

Replacement Comments:
Use with VM changers with base mounted four pin plastic housing. Replaces EV Game stock 7904-06, A1 and fits certain BSR, Elac, Garrard, Maestro, and Tenva changers. This is a power cord assembly only. Some changers may require a separate ground wire (not included) going from the changer to the amplifier to eliminate hum.

Style of cord used may vary with supply.
Do not order for phonographs, record players with 2 prong interlock style cord, it will not work.

Part # Description Replacement Comment Availability Price Add To Cart
CordA-1AC power cord assembly 6 foot with Amplock connector - Chocolate Brown   Sorry, not available and no sub available.$6.50  
CordA-2AC power cord assembly 6 foot with Amplock connector - Black   Available$6.50
CordA-3AC power cord assembly 6 foot with Amplock connector - Gray   Available$6.50


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