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1447-02 Cam

Cycling cam wheel used on RCA 45 rpm record players in RCA, V-M, Airline (Wards), Capitol, Columbia, Crescent, Decca, Dynavox, Emerson, Motorola, Phonola, Symphonic, Zenith and other brands of phonos.

Replacement Comments:
Replaces RCA part 75764 used in RCA RP190 45 rpm changers, V-M part 17210 (old 1160) used in Voice of Music 625 model. Note: Later versions were cost reduced by RCA with thin rubber. These are all rebuilt to original design (more traction).

ID (inches): 0.187
Thickness (inches): 0.095

In stock.
For idler wheel, see 1447

Part # Description Replacement Comment Availability Price Add To Cart
1447-02Phono cycling cam - REQUIRES mail in of old part to address on purchase confirmation email   Available$30.00


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